Amanda Karlsson

Name:            Amanda Karlsson

Age:                 49yrs old but feel more like I’m in my 20’s, maybe it’s down to my Yorkshire roots

Years Riding:  2yrs – mostly club rides and sportives

Years Racing: This is my first season and I’m loving it!

Category:        4th Cat but working up to 3rd Cat

Team:              Dames Racing Team

Bike:                Cannondale SuperSix 105 with Mavic Ksyrium Pro SL Race Wheels

Disciplines:  Circuit, criteriums and track. I did a CX race last year, was hard work but good fun

Results:         Bristol Grand Prix Ladies 4th Cat – 5th place

Aims:               To make 3rd Cat this year and 2nd Cat next year, win a race and be as fit as I possibly can

Dream Goal:   National Age Group Champion by 2019

Being a Spot-on rider has made a huge difference to my cycling. I no longer go out riding junk miles without any aims or goals. I’m fitter than I’ve been in years because my rides are structured and aimed to improve my fitness and riding ability, allowing me to compete with the fastest riders in the race. The training sessions are programmed around my shifts and pitched perfectly, allowing me to hit the targets every week. Regular fitness tests show improvements being made and allow new targets to be set. Jonty’s knowledge and experience of training and racing means the advice he gives is tried and tested. This gives me the confidence to implement it without hesitation. Spot-on Coaching offers a holistic approach to fitness with stretching/rolling to help avoid injury, core exercises to help with balance and riding skills and nutritional advice to aid recovery. It’s been a massive learning curve from being lapped 4 times in my first race to coming 5th out of 14 in my last race and it’s all down to Spot-on Coaching. Roll on 2018!