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Spot-on Coaching is relocating

Spot on Coaching is busy relocating to Elite Performance gym, this is seen as a great opportunity to link up with Herefords premier gymnasium, offering superb facilities for Spot on Coaching athletes.

The gym can be found here (link to Google Maps).

Spot-on-Coaching now provides Bike Service

At Spot-on Coaching I am always looking to help the cycling community. I have recently updated my City & Guilds Mechanic qualification.bike_service

I want to able to work with riders needs, to provide an affordable service.

I’m willing to collect and return your bike.

Fit equipment you might have purchased online.

Assess your bike, decide what work is required.

Search online for competitively priced part to reduce your costs.

Complete the work to a high standard.

Get you back on the road A.S.A.P.

If you are underconfident of cycling alone, you are worried what to do, if you had a mechanical issue, if I’m free I’m willing to come and pick you and your bike up and return you home, (distance dependant).

07973416132 the number to put in your phone.

For all cycling questions, please feel free to contact me.

Jonty Williams

Spot-on-Coaching on Facebook

@SpotonJonty on Twitter


11-18 February 2017 Training camp

The February training camp is designed for riders, that want to race either on Time Trials or Road races in the coming season.

Throughout the week the training rides will be structured to develop specific skills for the riders. Off the bike there will be opportunities for riders to seek 1-1 advice from myself about their individual needs and also off the bike exercises which will further improve riders performance and advice on diet.

Some rides will be over 150km including lots of long climbs, others will be shorter designed to target specific issues a rider needs. Riders will need to be well trained to take part in this week.

The current price for an individual to attend this which includes:

Return Flights (Easy Jet Bristol), All inclusive single hotel room, Airport Transfers, Cannondale or Specialized Bike hire, Coaching, & Spot-on Gilet & Bib shorts is:

£1150 (price is correct as of 5/9/2016)

For further information and any questions whether this week is suitable for you, please email or contact me via Spot-on Coaching facebook page.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Lee Truelove 3rd in 25 mile TT

Cycling is not just for the youngsters, my good friend Lee proves this once more. Lee is on the books as a Spot-on-coaching athlete. He’s been training hard, consistently putting in the work laid out for him. This season Lee has entered a few circuit races with me, enjoying the hustle and bustle, and showing his sons hard work pays off, and that its fun, no matter your age.

I’m really pleased to post this result. Well done Lee, next time under the magic hour.

Club 25 TT, Monday 28th March 2016

  Pos   Race no.   Name   Team   Age   Actual Time   Average Speed
  1   10   Liam Bromiley   University of Bath   23   00:57:08   26.25
  2   6   Oliver Hayward   University of Birmingham   19   01:05:02   23.07
  3   11   Lee Truelove   Climb on Bikes   44   01:06:22   22.6
  4   20   Paula Moseley   Hereford Tri Club   43   01:06:34   22.53
  5   15   Nick Preece   Climb on Bikes   41   01:06:44   22.48
  6   5   Mark Collyer   Hereford Wheeler   48   01:06:53   22.43
  7   19   Clancy Wilson   Ludlow CC   54   01:07:14   22.31
  8   3   Darron Pratt   Hereford Wheeler   39   01:08:29   21.9
  9   8   Simon Norwood   Hereford Tri Club   46   01:08:59   21.74
  10   7   Luke Eversham   NFTO RC   30   01:09:00   21.74
  11   2   Ian Connelly   Wyre Forest   47   01:10:04   21.41
  12   17   Bryn North   Hereford Wheeler   37   01:10:46   21.2
  13   21   Jamie Sharpe   Hereford Wheeler (Day)   44   01:11:23   21.01
  14   16   Bob Jones   Cardiff 100 milers RCC   64   01:12:01   20.83
  15   4   Paul Burgoyne   NFTO RC   35   01:12:18   20.75
  16   13   Simon Geary   Hereford Wheeler   43   01:15:19   19.92
  17   9   Dean Prosser   Hereford Wheeler   46   01:15:42   19.82
  18   18   Paul Davies   NFTO RC   31   01:17:46   19.29
  19   12   Richard Corbett   Ludlow CC   50   01:19:14   18.93
  20   14   Andrew Westlake   Hereford Wheeler (Day)   53   01:23:44   17.91
  21   1   Mike Williams   Hereford Wheeler   58   01:24:00   17.86


Majorca April 25- 2 May 2016

It’s soon time to head off to Majorca once more. The hotel we are staying at Club Pollentia is fully booked which means it’s sadly impossible for people to join the group.

If you’d still like to enjoy some fantastic rides with the Spot-on Coaching group, and don’t mind staying in another Hotel, please feel free to contact me and we can arrange a price per ride or day.

2016 Race season has kicked off

The race season has started, Spot-on riders representing Climb on Bikes in Hereford, are showing the training they’ve been putting in over the winter. Of the adults Ceri Middleton has picked up a 2nd in his first race of 2016.

Junior Climb on Bikes are performing strongly in the West Midlands races so far, very pleased to see children of all ages enjoying racing.IMG_2123

The featured photo is myself sprinting for a 3rd in Shrewsbury, not bad for an old fella.


Majorca February 2016

In February I took the first race training trip to Majorca. A little different to the normal trip as the speed and intensity was higher. We encountered some hostile weather but this just increased the learning curve for the riders. High winds meant we spent time riding in echelons, safely learning this art.

On this trip we used a transfer company to experience riding the full length of the island along the MA10, plus the Sa Colabra.

This was probably the best cycling day of my life so far. Only to be equalled by the day which is shown in the attached video.


Christmas ride on Saturday 19/12/2015

Hi all, there will be a Christmas ride this Saturday, we’ll meet as usual at Homebase at 10am.

Please remember £5 per rider, a spare inner tube, food and a drink and money for refreshments at Alexander Park cafe.

The route is a flat to rolling 50km route.

Please dress for the weather conditions.

See you Saturday


Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everybody, Christmas is a strange period for the year, where 1 of 2 things can happen.

1. People who train and exercise all year decide they’ve earned some time off and spend a few weeks eating all the naughty stuff, drinking much more than normal. With the full intention of getting back on it in the New Year. Sounds fair enough doesn’t it? What this group of people don’t realise is this way of doing things, massively hampers them. They will over the Christmas period massively over eat and drink in reality, easily doubling and tripling their normal consumption of calories, and their poor body has to somehow deal with this?

2. Use the extra time off, yes spend and enjoy time with family, but the Christmas holiday period can be a time to make huge advances towards your goals. You’re used to getting up early for work, so get up and exercise. If you continue to train over Christmas, you’re getting ahead of where you were in previous years. You can sit down for a lovely Christmas lunch having used up 500cals beforehand. Enjoy the lovely food, go heavy on the green veg, rather than the roast potatoes. Eat slower, enjoy the company of your families.

You can with some effort come out of Christmas fitter than you go into it, this will make your goals for 2016 far easier to attain.

If you need help with training effectively please feel free to ask. The athletes I currently train, will make fitness gains over Christmas. Would you like to be one of them.
Merry Christmas