Billy Norton

Name:            Billy Norton

I was born in November 2002. I first started cycling in 2015 when Jonty of Spot-on Coaching came to do a club at my school. This was a great introduction into cycling, and quite soon after, I started going to his Go-ride sessions on Sundays. This really helped to develop my skills especially cornering and riding in groups. I continued to attend the sessions and gradually became faster and better. Then in 2017 I raced for the first time in the West Midlands Youth Circuit series. I was one of the youngest in the field so it was very challenging. I then started to get personalized training plans from Jonty, my speed on the bike shot up even in the first two weeks! My racecraft and tactics also benefitted from Jonty’s training. Every race I went to from then on was an improvement. I finished the series 24th out of 79 riders. In the future I look forward to entering more races and seeing how much I improve under Jonty’s guidance.

Bike:               Battaglin Faster

Club/Team:   Herefordshire Cycling Club

Results:          2nd Haugh Wood Hill Climb(mens Category) 2017

1st Juvenile Capler Hill Climb 2017