Spot on Coaching has lead many cycling weeks in Majorca over the last 6 years. All weeks are pitched at the individual abilities of the riders.

I'm happy to build and lead a custom week for groups around your dates & wishes.

Whether it be more towards the social aspect of road cycling, or build towards a specific goal, I’m confident with my wealth of experience and knowledge of Majorca, that I have the contacts, to tailor a week that would be perfect for your goals.

Contact me to discuss this option, an enjoyable week, guided routes on perfect roads is guaranteed.

Watch the videos below for a taste of what to expect on your trip.

I started working with Jonty when I signed up to climb Alpe d'Huez, Mont Ventoux and Col du Tourmalet. Jonty has been instrumental in making effective use of my training time. Each week I receive a customised training plan that builds my basic fitness and focuses on the attributes I will need for the challenge ahead. I knew from the start the difficulties I would face when training for months at time towards a particular goal and Jonty has helped me stay focused, maintain morale and gain fitness throughout. I would not have achieved my goals without him.

The input from Jonty has been a complete package. From health and well being to exercise and fitness. Its not a one size fits all campaign. The exercise and weight training has been completely tailored to my personal needs and availability. The results speak for themselves and I continue to go from strength to strength. This isn’t the end of our mission we have a way to go. This is my life now. It’s exciting with Jonty’s help, encouragement and superior knowledge of the industry to find out what’s around the corner for me.