Mark and Clare Fenton

41 weeks of individual specific ‘Spot On Coaching’ training programmes culminated in Mark & Clare Fenton representing Great Britain in the 2017 Gran Fondo event at the UCI World Championships in Albi France.

Both Mark & Clare qualified for the World Championships in their respective age groups by achieving respectable finishing positions in a UCI qualifying event in Ayrshire Scotland.

Both events were worlds apart in terms of cycling conditions. Ayrshire was cold, damp and extremely windy with even the Forth Road Bridge closed on the day of the event due to high winds. Whereas Albi was hot and humid to start with & then sunny with temperatures reaching nearly 100 Degrees!

Clare managed a great finishing position of 27th overall & 6th fastest Brit in her age category and finishing just 10 minutes behind the winner over the shorter 60 mile course. Mark, who suffered in the heat, nearly collapsing at the finish, managed a top two thirds position in his age group and just over half way amongst the Brits over the longer 96 mile hilly course.

Both Mark & Clare said that although the training, dedication and commitment had been very tough, particularly the early winter mornings, the experience and achievement of being competitive in elite amateur races in their first year had been worth it!