Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everybody, Christmas is a strange period for the year, where 1 of 2 things can happen.

1. People who train and exercise all year decide they’ve earned some time off and spend a few weeks eating all the naughty stuff, drinking much more than normal. With the full intention of getting back on it in the New Year. Sounds fair enough doesn’t it? What this group of people don’t realise is this way of doing things, massively hampers them. They will over the Christmas period massively over eat and drink in reality, easily doubling and tripling their normal consumption of calories, and their poor body has to somehow deal with this?

2. Use the extra time off, yes spend and enjoy time with family, but the Christmas holiday period can be a time to make huge advances towards your goals. You’re used to getting up early for work, so get up and exercise. If you continue to train over Christmas, you’re getting ahead of where you were in previous years. You can sit down for a lovely Christmas lunch having used up 500cals beforehand. Enjoy the lovely food, go heavy on the green veg, rather than the roast potatoes. Eat slower, enjoy the company of your families.

You can with some effort come out of Christmas fitter than you go into it, this will make your goals for 2016 far easier to attain.

If you need help with training effectively please feel free to ask. The athletes I currently train, will make fitness gains over Christmas. Would you like to be one of them.
Merry Christmas