Personal Training

With over 30 years experience, training myself and others for competitive sports. I have helped numerous people turn their lives around enjoy activities they previously thought were impossible.

Majorca Training Camps

Spot-on Coaching has led many successful cycling weeks in Majorca over the last 6 years, that have proved extremely beneficial to previous riders. If you haven't been on a training camp before, this could be the one for you. Previously riders have gone on to beat PB's fly through categories and take their racing to another higher level.

New Location

Spot on Coaching has now relocated to Elite Performance Gym, which is a great opportunity to link up with Herefords premier gym facility that has been kitted out with some of the best equipment on the market including Life Fitness, Hammer Strength, Atlantis, Watson and many more top brands, offering superb facilities for Spot on Coaching athletes, and a great stop off, on a Spot-on ride, as the cafe serves superb coffee, energy foods and protein shakes.

I started working with Jonty when I signed up to climb Alpe d'Huez, Mont Ventoux and Col du Tourmalet. Jonty has been instrumental in making effective use of my training time. Each week I receive a customised training plan that builds my basic fitness and focuses on the attributes I will need for the challenge ahead. I knew from the start the difficulties I would face when training for months at time towards a particular goal and Jonty has helped me stay focused, maintain morale and gain fitness throughout. I would not have achieved my goals without him.

The input from Jonty has been a complete package. From health and well being to exercise and fitness. Its not a one size fits all campaign. The exercise and weight training has been completely tailored to my personal needs and availability. The results speak for themselves and I continue to go from strength to strength. This isn’t the end of our mission we have a way to go. This is my life now. It’s exciting with Jonty’s help, encouragement and superior knowledge of the industry to find out what’s around the corner for me.

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I am confident that whatever your needs I can help you take steps directly towards your goal. Your first and most important step is to make contact with me, don’t delay.